Mark Rofail wrote:
> These are limitations of the patch ordered by importance:
> ✗ presupposes that count(distinct y) has exactly the same notion of
> equality that the PK unique index has. In reality, count(distinct) will
> fall back to the default btree opclass for the array element type.

Operators are classified in operator classes; each data type may have
more than one operator class for a particular access method.  Exactly
one operator class for some access method can be designated as the
default one for a type.  However, when you create an index, you can
indicate which operator class to use, and it may not be the default one.
If a different one is chosen at index creation time, then a query using
COUNT(distinct) will do the wrong thing, because DISTINCT will select
an equality type using the type's default operator class, not the
equality that belongs to the operator class used to create the index.

That's wrong: DISTINCT should use the equality operator that corresponds
to the index' operator class instead, not the default one.

I hope that made sense.

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