> I think we could probably do without this ... if you want a non-default
> test setup, why do you need to use "pgbench -i" to create it?
> It's not that there's anything greatly wrong with this particular idea,
> it's just that pgbench has too many switches already, and omitting random
> subsets of the initialization actions doesn't seem like it contributes
> fundamental new benchmarking capability.
> I could get behind a proposal that generalized pgbench's "-i" behavior
> in some meaningful way.  I wonder whether it would be possible to convert
> that behavior into a script.  Some of what it does is just SQL commands
> with injected parameters, which pgbench does already.  There's also
> data-loading actions, which could be converted to backslash commands
> perhaps.  Then desires like this could be addressed by invoking a
> customized script instead of complicating pgbench's option set.


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