Fabien COELHO <coe...@cri.ensmp.fr> writes:
> As for a more generic solution, the easy part are the "CREATE" stuff and 
> the transaction script stuff (existing pgbench scripts).

> For the CREATE stuff, the script language is SQL, the command to use it is 
> "psql"...

> The real and hard part is to fill tables with meaningful pseudo-random 
> test data which do not violate constraints for any non trivial schema 
> involving foreign keys and various unique constraints.

> The solution for this is SQL for trivial cases, think of:
>    "INSERT INTO Foo() SELECT ... FROM generate_series(...);"

Yeah.  I was also thinking that complicated data-generation requirements
could be handled with plpgsql DO blocks, avoiding the need for hard-wired
code inside pgbench.

                        regards, tom lane

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