Robert Haas <> writes:
> I've actually wanted this exact thing multiple times: most recently,
> to make a non-unique btree index instead of a unique one, and to make
> a hash index instead of a btree one.  I don't object to a modest
> effort at coming up with a more general mechanism here, but I also
> think the switch as proposed is something that would have met my real
> needs on multiple occasions.  I've probably had 10 different occasions
> when I wanted all of the standard pgbench initialization *except for*
> something different about the indexes.

Sure, but "no indexes at all" is hardly ever the real goal, is it?
So the switch as proposed is only solving part of your problem.
I'd rather see a solution that addresses a larger range of desires.

Or in other words, this looks to me quite a bit like the hackery
that resulted in pgbench's -S and -N options, before we figured out
that making it scriptable was a better answer.

                        regards, tom lane

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