Masahiko Sawada <> writes:
> If we want to create other tables and load data to them as we want we
> can do that using psql -f. So an alternative ways is having a flexible
> style option for example --custom-initialize = { [load, create_pkey,
> create_fkey, vacuum], ... }. That would solve this in a better way.

FWIW, I like that significantly better than your original proposal.
It'd allow people to execute parts of pgbench's standard initialization
sequence and then do other things in between (in psql).  Realistically,
that's probably about as much win as we need here --- if you're veering
far enough away from the standard scenario that that doesn't do it for
you, you might as well just write an all-custom setup script in psql.

                        regards, tom lane

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