On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 8:48 AM, Rushabh Lathia <rushabh.lat...@gmail.com> wrote:
> It seems like with we set the numParents and parents only for the
> dumpable objects (flagInhTables()). Current patch relies on the numParents
> and parents to get the root partition TableInfo, but when --schema is been
> specified - it doesn't load those information for the object which is not
> dumpable.
> Now one options is:
> 1) restrict the --load-via-partition-root to be used with
> the --schema or may be some other options - where we restrict the
> objects.
> Consider this, partition root is in schema 'a' and the partition table is in
> schema 'b', if someone specify the --schema b with
> --load-via-partition-root,
> I think we should not do "INSERT INTO a.tab" to load the data (because
> user specified --schema b).
> 2) fix flagInhTables() to load the numParents and the parents information
> for the partition table (can be checked using ispartition), irrespective of
> whether object is dumpable is true or not.

(1) seems like a pretty arbitrary restriction, so I don't like that
option.  (2) would hurt performance in some use cases.  Do we have an
option (3)?

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