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> Right.
> I see two ways to include the cost of the target list for parallel
> paths before rejecting them (a) Don't reject parallel paths
> (Gather/GatherMerge) during add_path.  This has the danger of path
> explosion. (b)  In the case of parallel paths, somehow try to identify
> that path has a costly target list (maybe just check if the target
> list has anything other than vars) and use it as a heuristic to decide
> that whether a parallel path can be retained.

I think the right approach to this problem is to get the cost of the
GatherPath correct when it's initially created.  The proposed patch
changes the cost after-the-fact, but that (1) doesn't prevent a
promising path from being rejected before we reach this point and (2)
is probably unsafe, because it might confuse code that reaches the
modified-in-place path through some other pointer (e.g. code which
expects the RelOptInfo's paths to still be sorted by cost).  Perhaps
the way to do that is to skip generate_gather_paths() for the toplevel
scan/join node and do something similar later, after we know what
target list we want.

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