I have some patches sitting around in my workspace that I think are
non-controversial, and so I was considering just pushing them once
the tree opens for v11 development.  If anyone thinks they need
further review, I'll put them into the September commitfest, but
otherwise we might as well skip the overhead.  These are:

1. check-hash-bucket-size-against-work_mem-2.patch from

That discussion sort of trailed off, but there wasn't really anyone
saying not to commit it, and no new ideas have surfaced.

2. simplify-simple-expresssion-checking.patch from

This is the patch to get rid of plpgsql's exec_simple_check_node()
as Robert suggested.  It's never been anything but a maintenance

3. remove-pgbench-option-ordering-constraint.patch from

That one was already informally reviewed by two people, so I don't
think it needs another look.

                        regards, tom lane

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