"Augustine, Jobin" <jobin.august...@openscg.com> writes:
> Appears that patch is not helping.
> Errors like below are still appearing in the log
> ===============================
> 2017-08-11 12:22:35 UTC [2840]: [1-1] user=,db=,app=,client= FATAL:  could
> not connect to the primary server: could not send data to server: Socket is
> not connected (0x00002749/10057)
>     could not send startup packet: Socket is not connected
> (0x00002749/10057)

BTW, I notice that this is a bit different from your first report, because
that mentioned "could not send SSL negotiation packet" rather than "could
not send startup packet".  If the initial report was about a setup in
which SSL was enabled, and in this report's setup it isn't, then that
difference is unsurprising; but otherwise it needs explanation.

                        regards, tom lane

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