Thank you Tom Lane,
This patch fixes the problem.

With this patch, streaming replication started working (replication to

(Tested for Linux to Windows replication)


On Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 2:17 AM, Tom Lane <> wrote:

> Andres Freund <> writes:
> > On 2017-08-11 18:11:03 +0530, Augustine, Jobin wrote:
> >> Appears that patch is not helping.
> > That's too bad. Any chance you could install
> > and
> > activate monitoring just for that phase? I think it can export to a text
> > file...
> It strikes me that maybe the misuse of io_flag could be contributing
> to this: if the walreceiver process's latch were set, we'd end up calling
> PQconnectPoll before the socket had necessarily come ready, which would
> produce the described symptom.  That's grasping at straws admittedly,
> because I'm not sure why the walreceiver process's latch would be set
> at this point; but it seems like we ought to test a version of the patch
> that we believe correct before deciding that we still have a problem.
> To move things along, here's a corrected patch --- Jobin, please test.
>                         regards, tom lane


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