Christoph Berg wrote:
> Re: Thomas Munro 2017-08-10 
> <>
> > > Agreed.  Here's a version that skips those useless detail messages
> > > using a coding pattern I found elsewhere.
> > 
> > Rebased after bf6b9e94.
> > message ? errdetail("Diagnostic message: %s", message) : 0));
> "Diagnostic message" doesn't really mean anything, and printing
> "DETAIL: Diagnostic message: <something>" seems redundant to me. Maybe
> drop that prefix? It should be clear from the context that this is a
> message from the LDAP layer.

I think making it visible that the message comes from LDAP (rather than
Postgres or anything else) is valuable.  How about this?

        LOG:  could not start LDAP TLS session: Protocol error
        DETAIL:  LDAP diagnostics: unsupported extended operation.

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