postgres_fdw.c around line 4500:

     * If there is a possibility that EvalPlanQual will be executed, we need
     * to be able to reconstruct the row using scans of the base relations.
     * GetExistingLocalJoinPath will find a suitable path for this purpose in
     * the path list of the joinrel, if one exists.  We must be careful to
     * call it before adding any ForeignPath, since the ForeignPath might
     * dominate the only suitable local path available.  We also do it before
-->  * reconstruct the row for EvalPlanQual(). Find an alternative local path
     * calling foreign_join_ok(), since that function updates fpinfo and marks
     * it as pushable if the join is found to be pushable.

Should the marked line simply be deleted?  If not, what correction is

                        regards, tom lane

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