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> Oops sorry. Now attached.

I have done some basic testing and initial review of the patch.  I
have some comments/doubts.  I will continue the review.

+ if (mtstate->operation == CMD_UPDATE && mtstate->mt_transition_capture)
+ ExecARUpdateTriggers(estate, resultRelInfo, InvalidOid,

For passing invalid ItemPointer we are using InvalidOid, this seems
bit odd to me
are we using simmilar convention some other place? I think it would be better to
just pass 0?


- if ((event == TRIGGER_EVENT_DELETE && delete_old_table) ||
- (event == TRIGGER_EVENT_UPDATE && update_old_table))
+ if (oldtup != NULL &&
+ ((event == TRIGGER_EVENT_DELETE && delete_old_table) ||
+ (event == TRIGGER_EVENT_UPDATE && update_old_table)))
  Tuplestorestate *old_tuplestore;

- Assert(oldtup != NULL);

Only if TRIGGER_EVENT_UPDATE it is possible that oldtup can be NULL,
so we have added an extra
check for oldtup and removed the Assert, but if  TRIGGER_EVENT_DELETE
we never expect it to be NULL.

Is it better to put Assert outside the condition check (Assert(oldtup
!= NULL || event == TRIGGER_EVENT_UPDATE)) ?
same for the newtup.

I think we should also explain in comments about why oldtup or newtup
can be NULL in case of if


+    triggers affect the row being moved. As far as <literal>AFTER ROW</>
+    triggers are concerned, <literal>AFTER</> <command>DELETE</command> and
+    <literal>AFTER</> <command>INSERT</command> triggers are applied; but
+    <literal>AFTER</> <command>UPDATE</command> triggers are not applied
+    because the <command>UPDATE</command> has been converted to a
+    <command>DELETE</command> and <command>INSERT</command>.

Above comments says that ARUpdate trigger is not fired but below code call

+ if (mtstate->operation == CMD_UPDATE && mtstate->mt_transition_capture)
+ ExecARUpdateTriggers(estate, resultRelInfo, InvalidOid,
+ tuple,
+ mtstate->mt_transition_capture);

Dilip Kumar
EnterpriseDB: http://www.enterprisedb.com

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