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>> Hi Jeevan,
>> I have started testing partition-wise-aggregate and got one observation,
>> please take a look.
>> with the v2 patch, here if I change target list order, query is not
>> picking full partition-wise-aggregate.
> Thanks Rajkumar for reporting this.
> I am looking into this issue and will post updated patch with the fix.

Logic for checking whether partition keys lead group by keys needs to be
updated here. The group by expressions can appear in any order without
affecting the final result. And thus, the need for partition keys should
be leading the group by keys to have full aggregation is not mandatory.
Instead we must ensure that the partition keys are part of the group by
keys to compute full aggregation on a partition.

Attached, revised patch-set with above fix.

Also, in test-cases, I have removed DROP/ANALYZE commands on child
relations and also removed VERBOSE from the EXPLAIN.

HEAD: 8edacab209957520423770851351ab4013cb0167
Partition-wise Join patch-set version: v32


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