On 9/27/17, 7:41 AM, "Peter Eisentraut" <peter.eisentr...@2ndquadrant.com> 
> On 9/25/17 23:10, Bossart, Nathan wrote:
>> One interesting design challenge will be how to handle pre-hashed
>> passwords, since the number of checks we can do on those is pretty
>> limited.  I'm currently thinking of a parameter that can be used to
>> block, allow, or force pre-hashed passwords.
> Pre-hashed passwords are the normal case.  You can't break that without
> making this module a net loss in security.

A strength in making this configurable is that you could use it to
enforce that passwords are pre-hashed.  But yes, blocking pre-
hashed passwords could be undesirable given an untrusted network or


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