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> Thanks. I'll look over it all again starting my Tuesday morning. (UTC+13)

I have a little more review to share:

1. Missing "in" in comment. Should be "mentioned in"

 * get_append_rel_partitions
 * Return the list of partitions of rel that pass the clauses mentioned
 * rel->baserestrictinfo

2. Variable should be declared in inner scope with the following fragment:

set_basic_child_rel_properties(PlannerInfo *root,
   RelOptInfo *rel,
   RelOptInfo *childrel,
   AppendRelInfo *appinfo)
AttrNumber attno;

if (rel->part_scheme)

which makes the code the same as where you moved it from.

3. Normally lfirst() is assigned to a variable at the start of a
foreach() loop. You have code which does not follow this.

foreach(lc, clauses)
Expr   *clause;
int i;

if (IsA(lfirst(lc), RestrictInfo))
RestrictInfo *rinfo = lfirst(lc);

You could assign this to a Node * since the type is unknown to you at
the start of the loop.

* Useless if what we're thinking of as a constant is actually
* a Var coming from this relation.
if (bms_is_member(rel->relid, constrelids))

should this be moved to just above the op_strict() test? This one seems cheaper.

5. Typo "paritions": /* No clauses to prune paritions, so scan all
partitions. */

But thinking about it more the comment should something more along the
lines of /* No useful clauses for partition pruning. Scan all
partitions. */

The key difference is that there might be clauses, just without Consts.

Actually, the more I look at get_append_rel_partitions() I think it
would be better if you re-shaped that if/else if test so that it only
performs the loop over the partindexes if it's been set.

I ended up with the attached version of the function after moving
things around a little bit.

I'm still reviewing but thought I'd share this part so far.

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 * get_append_rel_partitions
 *		Return the list of partitions of rel that pass the clauses mentioned
 *		in rel->baserestrictinfo. An empty list is returned if no matching
 *		partitions were found.
 * Returned list contains the AppendRelInfos of chosen partitions.
static List *
get_append_rel_partitions(PlannerInfo *root,
						  RelOptInfo *rel,
						  RangeTblEntry *rte)
	List   *partclauses;
	bool	contains_const,

	 * Get the clauses that match the partition key, including information
	 * about any nullness tests against partition keys.  Set keynullness to
	 * a invalid value of NullTestType, which 0 is not.
	partclauses = match_clauses_to_partkey(rel,

	if (!constfalse)
		Relation		parent = heap_open(rte->relid, NoLock);
		PartitionDesc	partdesc = RelationGetPartitionDesc(parent);
		Bitmapset	   *partindexes;
		List		   *result = NIL;
		int				i;

		 * If we have matched clauses that contain at least one constant
		 * operand, then use these to prune partitions.
		if (partclauses != NIL && contains_const)
			partindexes = get_partitions_from_clauses(parent, partclauses);

		 * Else there are no clauses that are useful to prune any paritions,
		 * so we must scan all partitions.
			partindexes = bms_add_range(NULL, 0, partdesc->nparts - 1);

		/* Fetch the partition appinfos. */
		i = -1;
		while ((i = bms_next_member(partindexes, i)) >= 0)
			AppendRelInfo *appinfo = rel->part_appinfos[i];

			RangeTblEntry *rte = planner_rt_fetch(appinfo->child_relid, root);

			 * Must be the intended child's RTE here, because appinfos are ordered
			 * the same way as partitions in the partition descriptor.
			Assert(partdesc->oids[i] == rte->relid);

			result = lappend(result, appinfo);

		/* Record which partitions must be scanned. */
		rel->live_part_appinfos = result;

		heap_close(parent, NoLock);

		return result;

	return NIL;
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