> Dave Page wrote:

> > Won't we still need to know if we are called as postmaster or 
> > postgres?
> Unless the 'postmaster' instance starts all it's sub processes with an
> additional option to tell them they're children (I haven't looked at the
> code yet so I dunno if this is how it's done).
> For those that are unaware, because Windows doesn't support symlinks, we
> currently ship two copies of the binary. We could save 3.2MB
> (uncompressed, 8.1.4) if we could lose one of them.

I look at that structure was successful by huge backend.dll at 8.2.
In spite of not arranging it yet, it looks great. However, Several K-Bytes are 
still used vainly. But, I am not investigating which the is still good.

Hiroshi Saito

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