"Dave Page" <dpage@vale-housing.co.uk> writes:
>>> though - Magnus &
>>> I were wondering if Peter's change means we no longer need to ship
>>> postmaster.exe and postgres.exe with pgInstaller. Presumably 
>>> we can just use postgres.exe for everything now?

>> Won't we still need to know if we are called as postmaster or 
>> postgres?

No.  The entire point of the recent changes is that the behavior no
longer depends on the name of the executable, only on the switches.

In the Unix distributions, the only reason to keep the postmaster
symlink is to avoid breaking old start scripts that invoke "postmaster".
We may be able to drop the symlink eventually, though I see no reason
to be in a hurry about it.

In the Windows case, I think you'd have to ask if there are any start-
script-equivalents outside your control that you're worried about
breaking.  Given the distribution-size penalty you face by having two
copies, obviously you're more motivated to drop the extra .exe sooner
than we'll probably do in the Unix distros.

                        regards, tom lane

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