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Yes it would.  The most obvious point is that memory management and
error handling conventions inside the backend are quite different from
what you'd expect to employ in a standalone program.

No, this wouldn't really be that hard, especially if he created a few
macros to handle the differences.

Also the means you'd use for consulting the system catalogs
(in that option to provide readable names for OIDs) are entirely

Definitely correct there.  If it's designed well, it wouldn't be too
hard to use same-named functions for getting catalog information and
using ifdefs depending on how it's being used.

I think asking for support of both environments is a good way to ensure
that this summer project doesn't get finished :-(

I totally agree... I'm not suggesting that he does both for SoC.  Just
that if it is designed well from the start, it wouldn't be too hard to
add support for either command-line or contrib-ish usage.  The goal
was to start with xlogdump and enhance it, so starting with
command-line is probably the best anyway.

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