Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
There are several supported platforms not represented on the buildfarm - e.g. the one HPUX member has never actually reported any results.

Yeah, and this is not a good thing.  Eventually I'd like to get to a
point where every platform we consider "supported" has regular buildfarm
reports.  No more calls for port reports during beta periods --- beta
work should focus on functionality testing, not getting it to build.


Then people who have access to people who own or can provide access to machines in classes not covered need to do a bit of begging ;-)

The requirements are (deliberately) very modest:

OS and toolset required to build postgres from CVS
A modern perl installation (>=5.6 is adequate)
Anonymous read access to a CVS repository - either the one at or a replica
Outbound HTTP port 80 access to, possibly via a proxy.

Once it is set up it is close to hands free - you just set up the cron job(s) or equivalent.



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