Pursuant to a conversation this evening I would like to a suggestion:

 BIRT pgsql-patches should be abolished in favour of something else that
 accomplishes the bandwidth-reduction aspect without the downsides.

My complaint is that -patches serves to

a) siphon off some of the most technical discussion from -hackers to somewhere
   where fewer hackers read regularly leaving a lower signal-to-noise ratio on

b) partition the discussions in strange ways making it harder to carry on
   coherent threads or check past discussions for conclusions. 

c) encourages patches to sit in queues until a committer can review it rather
   than have non-committers eyeballing it or even applying it locally and
   using it before it's ready to be committed to HEAD.

The only defence I've heard for the existence of -patches is that it avoids
large attachments filling people's inboxes.

To that end I would suggest replacing it with a script on the mail server to
strip out attachments and replace them with a link to some place where they
can be downloaded.

This could conceivably evolve into some sort of simple patch queue system
where committers could view a list of patches and mark them when they get
rejected or committed. I'm not suggesting anything like a bug tracking system,
just a simple page should suffice.

I fear by sending this I may have just volunteered to execute it. But if it's
the case that people support my suggestion I would be happy to do so.


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