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> Marc G. Fournier wrote:
> >
> > If nobody objects within, say, the next 24 hours ... ?  I'll enabled that 
> > one
> > both ...
> Don't be surprised if there are objections - this is one of those things like
> emacs vs vi that stirs up religious debate.

Indeed. The usual issue is that if someone hits "personal reply" their
personal note to the author will go to the mailing list. Some lists have
problems with people sending personal replies inappropriately but I doubt
that's the case for -patches or -committers. 

I have the additional complaint that this doesn't actually solve most of my
original complaints and might reduce the pressure to find a better solution.
The patches announcements themselves would still be basically invisible within
the community.

Even if someone isn't going to read or apply the actual patch I think there is
an enormous benefit to be gained from having everyone at least know it went
by. Much as I'm sure not everyone reads every line of every message on
-hackers but they are aware of what topics are under discussion.


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