On Thu, 13 Jul 2006, Jonah H. Harris wrote:

On 7/13/06, Dave Cramer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
The official JDBC driver is not being shipped with the project for
exactly the same reasons, I fail to see any compelling reason to ship
either java PL.

IMHO, we should be shipping the JDBC driver... but that's another
matter entirely.

Again, that goes to your 'kitchen sink distribution' ... its been suggested many times before, nobody cared enough to run with the idea and do something about it ... do you?

When someone downloads the PostgreSQL server on Windows... we know they're probably going to be using ODBC... so we should ship it; but which one? How do we determine which one as a community?

that's a packaging issue ... the Windows Installer can (does?) pull that in as part of its install, or, at least, packaging stage, as it does other things ...

Eventually we need to evolve a little bit and tackle these types of issues; I don't think gborg or pgfoundry are the best places for high-profile, commonly used PostgreSQL drivers, PLs, or functions.

Commonly used by whom? a pl/PHP user is most likely not going to ever use pl/Perl, or any other pl ... so, which are "commonly used" and which are used by a "small set of ppl"?

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