On Thu, 13 Jul 2006, Joshua D. Drake wrote:

I don't think we should include everything, and I belive that
"collapse" is debatable.  The important part is how the distro itself
is managed.  One can easily create a "core" distribution which
includes PL/Java, ODBC, JDBC, etc.  All of them don't have to reside
in the same CVS tree, but they can be built and released together.  I
know because I've done it... and it's not that difficult.  The hard
part is actually deciding what to include and what not to.

And people already do this...

The Win32 installer
mammothpostgresql.org (which is 100% FOSS btw)
Ubuntu :)

So why put the load on the Core distro?

Agreed ... but, maybe on our FTP/download pages, we should add a link for 'Distributions', that would include mammothpostgresql.org and Ubuntu? so that ppl knew about them? We do it for support related stuff ...

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