Major component for whom exactly? What %age of PostgreSQL users are using pl/Java? Are using Java, period?

There is only one *major component* and that is the RDBMS itself ... everything else is an add on specific to each end users requirements ... in all of my years of hosting PostgreSQL-backed web sites, I've *never* had a request for a PL/J* ... lots for JDBC, mind you, just never for the PLs ...

So, do you have some sort of #s as to why pl/Java is such a 'major component'? I'd see pl/Perl and pl/PHP as been alot more major ...

I know I am going to regret this but:

pl/Java is a MAJOR component. In one place. The Enterprise.

Otherwise it really isn't. A spot poll of businesses will show quite readily that most are running, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python... and unfortunately VB.

However, for the most part NOT if they are an Enterprise.

It is also a major component in our battle against the big red O.

However, all of this argument is moot.

The only argument that really matters in this discussion is the one that Tom brought up.

My question is, what is the packagers' stance on this topic? It seems like more work for them than for anyone else.

Why more work for them? CommandPrompt developed pl/PHP in such a way that it doesn't require the PostgreSQL source code at all ... so, a packager coudl go out, get a binary (rpm?) distro of PostgreSQL, install that and then build their pl/PHP package, without ever having to touch the postgresql source code ...

Yes and my understanding is that PLjava can do the same.


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