kleptog@svana.org (Martijn van Oosterhout) writes:
> On Thu, Jul 13, 2006 at 01:26:30PM -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
>> The right way to proceed is what was mentioned in another message:
>> work harder at educating packagers about which non-core projects
>> are worth including in their packages.  I have to confess
>> contributing to the problem, as I'm not currently including
>> eg. Slony in the Red Hat RPMs.  I certainly should be --- but
>> "fixing" that by pushing Slony into the core PG distro is not a
>> solution.
> Indeed. Distributors are not going to go through pgfoundary and
> package everything, there's just no point. I think it would be very
> useful to dedicate a portion of the website to add-ons that are
> considered worthwhile.

If there were enough chunks of it that were buildable using pgxs or
similar such that they could pretty readily script up...

for project in `echo $LIST`; do
   wget http://downloads.pgfoundry.org/${project}/${project}-latest.tar.bz2
   mkdir $${project}
   cd $${project}
   tar xfvj $DOWNLOADS/${project}-latest.tar.bz2
   cd *
   ./configure --pgxs-options  --path=/usr  --rpm-deteriorata
   make install
   run-rpm-file-collector $${project}

The folks running Perl and Python repositories have gotten the
"toolage" together so that you can pull CPAN packages and very nearly
turn them into RPM packages.

If we have an interestingly large set of packages at pgFoundry that
are "that RPMable," then they *will* come.
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