Marc G. Fournier wrote:
How would I go about taking advantage of that? And who did the 1.2.0 upload? I certainly didn't.

There is alot more then then just 1.2.0 ... check out the FTP site ...

As for taking advantage of that ... upload files to the file section in *either* gborg or pgfoundry, and they get auto-included as part of the ftp network ...

The PL/Java 1.3.0 release has been on gborg for several weeks but only available through the wiki (the gborg generated 'download' page is messy and I'm not able to remove stuff that shouldn't be there). I guess that's why it was not mirrored. And yes, I agree wholeheartedly, a wiki is not the most intuitive place for downloads. Per Jonahs suggestion I've just uploaded everything to pgfoundry too.

Thanks for uploading the 1.3.0 to the ftp.

Thomas Hallgren

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