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> Subject: Re: [HACKERS] Forcing wal rotation
> > How about an SQL-level function that calls the wal scripts? 
> This would
> > also allow "important" transactions to push data to the 
> standy server
> > regardless of the wal size.
> That was the idea - providing pg_rotate_wal(), which would 
> guarantee that
> the wal is rotatted at least once if called. Thinking further 
> about this,
> for a first prove of concept, I'd be enough to write a C function
> pg_current_walsegment(). pg_rotate_wal() could then be a 
> plpgsql function,
> that e.g. creates a temporary table, and fills it with data, until the
> return value of pg_current_walsegment() changes.

You might wanna speak to Simon Riggs before starting anything - he was
planning to work on this (log rotation) at the Code Sprint. Don't know
if he actually got to it though.

Regards, Dave.

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