I just finished setting up a new buildfarm member (Bandicoot) running
Windows 2000 Pro. Aside from the fact that it now fails with the same
cyptic pg_regress error as seen on Snake, it also became apparent that
CVS HEAD won't run properly on an unpatched Windows 2000 (initdb - and
probably pg_ctl - fails when trying to dynamically load advapi32.dll
which is used to shed excess privileges). This was solved by the
installation of service pack 4. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to
catch the error - it seems to kill the app and throw a messagebox with a
cryptic message.

Given that you have to be clinically insane to run Win2K without
patching it to the hilt I'm not overly concerned by this (and will add
appropriate checks to pgInstaller), but it's probably worth mentioning
that our minimum supported platform is Windows 2000 Pro with Service
Pack 4 from 8.2.

Regards, Dave.

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