I wrote:
> I just committed a change to extract the paths via pg_config_paths.h.
> If that doesn't fix it then I guess the next thing is to put in some
> debug printout to show what values are really getting compiled in :-(

Seems that *did* fix it, which opens a whole new set of questions about
how much you can trust msys' make.  However, the latest seahorse results
show we still have a bug or two:

     oidjoins             ... ok
     type_sanity          ... ok
     opr_sanity           ... ok
test geometry             ... server stopped
diff command failed: "diff -w "./expected/geometry.out" 
"./results/geometry.out" >"./results/geometry.diff""
make: *** [check] Error 2

What I think happened here is that diff reported a difference and
pg_regress misinterpreted the exit status as being a hard failure.
Can someone check on whether it's possible to tell the difference
between these cases with Windows diff ?

                        regards, tom lane

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