Tom Lane wrote:
We used to pass these values almost same way when we first did initdb in C, and I don't recall any such problems. We had:

override CPPFLAGS := -DPGBINDIR=\"$(*bindir*)\" -DPGDATADIR=\"$(*datadir*)\" 
-DFRONTEND -I$(*libpq_srcdir*) $(*CPPFLAGS*)

That seems a bit interesting.  What are the stars for?  I don't see
anything about a syntax like that in my gmake documentation.

The stars are from my MUA not handling C&P from formatted text as well as it should in text mode. It should have read:

override CPPFLAGS := -DPGBINDIR=\"$(bindir)\" -DPGDATADIR=\"$(datadir)\" 
-DFRONTEND -I$(libpq_srcdir) $(CPPFLAGS)



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