> 100 transactions seems barely enough to get through startup 
> transients.
> Maybe 1000 would be good.


> I think the hard part of this is the reporting process.  How 
> do we track how performance varies over time?  It doesn't 
> seem very useful to compare different buildfarm members, but 
> a longitudinal display of performance on a single buildfarm 
> machine over time would be cool.
> (I'm still missing Mark Wong's daily OSDL performance reports :-()

I was thinking that the output from pgbench would be sent back to the
server and stored somewhere for later analysis.

> Actually the $64 question here is whether we trust pgbench as 
> the standard performance test ...

I think that it's what we've got today, and if tomorrow it gets better,
then the data we get from the buildfarm will improve similarly.

Paul Bort

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