Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> > >I don't think this sort of material belongs directly into the
> > > PostgreSQL documentation.
> Why not?

PostgreSQL documentation (or any product documentation) should be 
factual: describe what the software does and give advice on its use.  
This should be mostly independent of the external circumstances, 
because people will still read that documentation three or four years 
from now.

The proposed text is, at least partially, journalistic: it evaluates 
competing ideas, gives historical and anecdotal information, reports on 
current events, and makes speculations about the future.  That is the 
sort of material that is published in periodicals or other volatile 

At the summit, we resolved, for precisely these reasons, to keep the 
journalistic parts on the web site, for clear separation from the 
shipped product and for easier updates (and for easier reference as 
well, because the PostgreSQL documentation is not the single obvious 
place to look for it) and refer to it from the documentation.

Peter Eisentraut

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