On 8/3/06, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I'm not clear on why there's all this doom and gloom about how 8.2 will
be "merely" a performance-oriented release, with few new features, eg

Certainly there's been a ton of effort spent on high-end performance
issues.  But a quick troll through the CVS logs shows a fair number of
features that could be considered killer must-have things by their
respective target audiences:

i can't resist this unproductive distraction from actual work.  this
is a huge release for me as it nails a lot of the features i've been
waiting literally years for.  it feels a lot like the 7.4 release
where similar debates when on esp. regarding the windows port, etc.

note that even if the release had no user level features at all, it
would be better to release: the outside world likes to see the project
is still active and moving forward.


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