I am interrested in finding out what you folks mean by usability and refinement. How do you measure it? These seem to me to be unmeasurable hackneyed terms with little intrinsic meaning!

Yep you are absolutely right. That is what press releases are all about.

So could you say something like: the New Postgresql, version 8.2, building on its reputation of sheer power and ACID compliance, now implements feature 1, which provides benefit 1, plus feature 2, which leads to benefit 2, plus .... etc. thereby maximizing overall ease of use. ??

WE tend to speak of features, now is a good time to speak of benefits to the dba, benefits for upgrading to an existing project, etc.

If they don't know by reading the terms, then they will want to buy reading the 50 cent, fancy words.

The New Postgresql 8,2 will increase speed of response by x %, ad hoc queries will be x % faster, etc. I know I am being simplistic, but the benefits need to blurt out, and be immediately recognizable as such to the majority of players. JMUETCW. Michael

Percentages never work because it depends on a specific work load, specific design, specific hardware etc...

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