On 8/4/06, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Not to be unkind, but AFAIR all the unmet expectations in this release
cycle came from commercially-sponsored developers who said
they'd do X and then didn't finish it.

FYI, I am not commercially sponsered.  I am a full-time employee
devoted to working on database internals, drivers, Oracle
compatibility, architecture, prototyping, and some performance stuff
for EnterpriseDB.

While I work full-time for EnterpriseDB, they have ALWAYS given me
time to work on other PostgreSQL-related things when I ask for it.
However, with the exception of the INSERT/UPDATE RETURNING patch
(which EnterpriseDB asked me to submit), the PostgreSQL community is,
and always has been, primarily my own personal time.

If I would've known a good number of people were asking for WITH
RECURSIVE (as Josh mentioned), I would've had more incentive to work
on it.

Again, the original patch for this has been out since 7.3.4, and no
one has seen fit to work on this feature in 3 years.  If it's a
feature the community seriously wanted, maybe someone should've said
something.  A couple of you said it would be nice to have, but I don't
recall seeing any community-oriented, "we *really* want this feature
in 8.2" (similar to other features).  I would've gladly supported
anyone else who wanted to do it.

I do have a family and by the time I get to work on something at home
it's approaching 23:00; the last thing I want to do is spend a few
hours coding something no one seems to want.  Similarly, it's even
harder to get motivated when the people complaining about a missing
feature are those who didn't seem to want it to begin with.

I don't know what you want unless you tell me and I've got better
things to do than play a psychic.


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