Bruce Momjian wrote:

Or try a new system, and I will keep doing what I do, and we can see
which system works best.

Excellent idea. We don't have to have a one size fits all set of procedures anyway - in fact I think it might be a mistake. Maybe we should select a few major features that people will work on for 8.3 and try a different model. We could then assess things around this time next cycle.

My big point is that we should choose a system that would have had a
better chance of completing features than what we have used in the past,
and no one has suggested one.

It is just like the bug tracker issue.  Many think we need a bugtracker,
but when I ask to see a project that has one that is better than what we
have now, no one responds.  Again, the same criteria should be applied
to this issue.

If people want to do something different with no objective hope it will
be better, feel free to go ahead and do it, but I can't get excited
about spending time on it.

I give up. You say "try something else and we'll see what works best." I respond "great idea.". Then you say "but it won't work anyway." Is it any wonder people get frustrated? Why give the illusion of an open mind when you have already made up your mind?



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