On Monday 07 August 2006 10:58, Markus Schiltknecht wrote:
> Where do I find the included technical report?

Sorry, stuff was put twice in the zip file making it somewhat confusing. It is 
in postgresql-g-0.1/javasrc/GordaInterfaces/docs/gapi.pdf or directly on the 
web site at http://gorda.di.uminho.pt/download/reports/gapi.pdf.

>  From studying the patch, I understand that these hooks are quite close
> to what's needed for a Postgres-R or Slony-II like sync, multi-master
> replication system (i.e. hooks for writeset extraction, the addition of
> a 'serialization error' for remote transactions).

Good. Supporting Postgres-R-style protocols was one major goal of our work.

> In fact, Postgres-R (8) would already need different hooks.

> Concerning my work on Postgres-R I can tell: I'm not going to use these
> triggers (hooks) because they are limiting.

Can you point out why is it so, given that it is admittedly quite close?

We'd rather discuss specific issues instead of the general topic of whether to 
build APIs around them. We certainly are not married to the proposed 
interfaces, although the functionality they capture does reflect our 
experience with several algorithms.

Jose Orlando Pereira

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