[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Bruce Momjian) writes:
> Christopher Browne wrote:
>> >> Make postmater and postgres options distinct so the postmaster -o
>> >> option is no longer needed | Alvaro | Confirmed | 09/20/06
>> >> 
>> >> Notice the sequence of events. I am not saying the specific statuses are 
>> >> the way to go but it would give a simple way to keep tabs on things 
>> >> without having to create a whole new ball of yarn.
>> >
>> > Interesting idea.  If people willing to state they will complete items
>> > for the next release, I can add this to the TODO list, and just remove
>> > it once the item is in CVS.
>> Is it forcibly necessary to have that commitment in order for this to
>> be of some use?
>> It seems to me that this would be a reasonably useful way of tracking
>> the progress of TODO items irrespective of any particular commitment
>> to completion in sync with a version.
> The problem comes with someone starting to work on something, then
> giving up, but if you record it, people think they are still working on
> it.

If there is some form of "last updated on" date, that seems to me to
be quite sufficient for the purpose.  If the person last working on it
hasn't reported any new news on the item in some substantial period of
time, that's a good implicit indication that something is stalled.

> What happens now is that someone says they want to work on X, and
> the community tells them that Y might be working on it, and Y gives
> us a status.

If what we see in the todo is...

Implement hierarchical queries using ANSI "WITH"/recursive query
system | Someone | Under way | [some date six months ago]

... then those that are interested in seeing this go in can probably
guess that the effort has stalled in that nothing has been worth
commenting on in six months.

This sort of thing is suggestive of having some sort of systematic way
to store structured information.  Perhaps one could implement some
sort of database for it...  :-)
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