"Joshua D. Drake" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> My point was, I was going to work on some todos before feature freeze. I 
> asked about two specific todos. One of them was badly worded and one of 
> them did not represent (except in the smallest of ways) what it actually 
> was.

Well, it's certainly the case that some of the TODO items are vaguely
defined (because part of the TODO item is to figure out what to do)
and many of them are too complicated to explain well in one sentence.
But surely that's a different complaint from what's being discussed
in this thread?

What this story does do for me is reinforce the notion that it's
critical for newbie developers to work "in the open", getting feedback
from the lists at an early stage about what they are doing.  If you go
off in a corner and develop a patch for a TODO item, you risk having it
rejected because you misunderstood what the TODO item was about.

Maybe the connection is that while thinking about processes, we need
to take into account the need to encourage people to get early
feedback about what they are considering doing.

                        regards, tom lane

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