Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> > 
> > It seems some people like the authoritative TODO list, and others want a
> > TODO wiki that they can add stuff to without having to get community
> > buy-in.  I have trouble seeing how the wiki doesn't just end up being a
> > blog of ideas, but I see no harm in it as long as it is clear the items
> > haven't passed community review.
> I think it is a combination of the two. A wiki could be used to discuss 
> ideas for todos, it could be used to describe TODOs in actual detail, it 
> could used (in conjunction with Trac) to be able to document dependecies 
> for todos... etc.

But what is it likely to do?  I don't think much, but if we can shut it
down if we decide it isn't of value (unlike gborg which can't be shut
down), I think it is fine to try.

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