Bruce, Andrew, Tom.

I little bit confuse now, what status of this patch is? I check your observation and I agree with them. But I don't where is "ball" now and what I can/must do now like author of this patch?

   Thanks for explanation

Bruce Momjian napsal(a):
OK, with two people now concerned, patch reverted.


Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Tom Lane wrote:
I've always found it easier to review uncommitted patches than committed
ones anyway.  When you're playing catch-up by reviewing a committed
patch, you have to deal with three states of the code rather than two
(pre-patch, post-patch, your own mods).  That gets rapidly worse if the
patch has been in there awhile and other changes go in on top of it.
Plus, once other changes accumulate on top, it becomes extremely painful
to revert if the conclusion is that the patch is completely broken.
(A conclusion that I don't think is at all unlikely with respect to
this patch.)

Easy or not this strikes me as good policy. And nothing is urgent quite yet - we still have another 18 days to the end of the month, which is the stated deadline for getting patches reviewed and committed.



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