Matthew T. O'Connor wrote:
> Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> > Is it time to turn on autovacuum by default in 8.2?  I know we wanted to 
> > be on the side of caution with 8.1, but perhaps we should evaluate the 
> > experiences now.  Comments?
> Would be fine by me, but I'm curious to see what the community has to 
> say.  A few comments:
> Autovacuum can cause unpredictable performance issues, that is if it 
> vacuums in the middle of a busy day and people don't want that, of 
> course they turn it off easy enough, but they might be surprised.
> I haven't played with CVS HEAD much, but I think the logging issue has 
> been addressed no?  That is my single biggest gripe with the 8.1 
> autovacuum is that it's very hard to see if it's actually done anything 
> without having to turn up the logging significantly.

This has not been addressed, except that pg_stat_activity now shows
autovacuum.  Someone was going to work on per-module log output, but it
wasn't completed for 8.2.   Does pg_stat_activity now show the table
being vacuumed?

> The remaining big ticket items for autovacuum are the maintenance window 
> that Alvaro and I have just been discussing, and multiple concurrent 
> vacuum, (possibly you could add the continued reduction of vacuum impact 
> but that just a constant thing).  Do we think it's worth waiting for 
> either of these two features prior to turning on autovacuum by default?

Probably not.  It can always be turned off by people who don't want it

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