Bruce Momjian wrote:
Matthew T. O'Connor wrote:
Would be fine by me, but I'm curious to see what the community has to say. A few comments:

Autovacuum can cause unpredictable performance issues, that is if it vacuums in the middle of a busy day and people don't want that, of course they turn it off easy enough, but they might be surprised.

I haven't played with CVS HEAD much, but I think the logging issue has been addressed no? That is my single biggest gripe with the 8.1 autovacuum is that it's very hard to see if it's actually done anything without having to turn up the logging significantly.

This has not been addressed, except that pg_stat_activity now shows
autovacuum.  Someone was going to work on per-module log output, but it
wasn't completed for 8.2.   Does pg_stat_activity now show the table
being vacuumed?

Hmm... I though it had, not the full blown per-module log output stuff, but just a simple reorgainzing of the log levels for autovacuum messages. That is lowering the level for:
LOG:  autovacuum: processing database "foo"
and increasing the log level when autovacuum actually fires off a VACUUM or ANALYZE command.

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