Tom Lane wrote:
Naz Gassiep <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I propose that two more be added:

This doesn't seem well-defined at all.  There are many objects in a
database that are definitely neither tables nor constraints, and it's
not very clear what things should be considered constraints either.

I think what you may really be after is "the stuff that should be loaded
before inserting data" and "the stuff that should be loaded after", but
the above are poor names for these concepts.

			regards, tom lane
And here I was thinking that I'd been clear :)

But yes, you are right, what I want is "the stuff that gets loaded before data insertion" and "the stuff that goes after data insertion"

Essentially, the CREATE TABLE statements are the first part as that is what is needed for data to be inserted. Everything else is the second part.

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