I'm curious, do you combine any other lists like that? I've played around with that idea (for example, I used to combine webmaster emails, pgsql-www, and -slaves emails but the slaves traffic was too high so I had to split it back out). As someone subscribed to a good dozen pg lists, I've always been quite amazed how much email some of the folks here manage to process... I suppose I could just chalk it up to a pine vs. gui thing, but I suspect there are some other tricks people have to make emails more manageable (anyone combine all pg mail to one folder?)

Well as someone who is also on almost all of the PostgreSQL lists, plus a number of sub projects :)

I filter everything postgresql except for the funds list into a single box and I process each in order :). I used to break them up, but I found with cross posting, and trying to reference back and forth it was just easier to have a single box.

I used to be a big pine user but due to the large amount of email I do process I had to move to Thunderbird which makes certain things just much easier.


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