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On Thursday 17 August 2006 11:55, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:
Yeah, that experiment hasn't seemed to work all that well for me
either.  Do you have another idea to try, or do you just want to
revert to the old way?

Since almost the first day I hacked on PostgreSQL I have been filtering
both lists into the same folder, so they pretty much appear to be one
and the same to me anyway.

I'm curious, do you combine any other lists like that? I've played around with that idea (for example, I used to combine webmaster emails, pgsql-www, and -slaves emails but the slaves traffic was too high so I had to split it back out). As someone subscribed to a good dozen pg lists, I've always been quite amazed how much email some of the folks here manage to process... I suppose I could just chalk it up to a pine vs. gui thing, but I suspect there are some other tricks people have to make emails more manageable (anyone
combine all pg mail to one folder?)

Reading pg ml mail is relatively high on my list of things I want to do, so I have it all come into my inbox. However, with other mailing lists (e.g., ruby-talk and the RoR lists which have the highest volume of any mailing list I'm subscribed to) I generally have them routed into their own folder. I usually let lower-volume mailing lists just end up in my inbox as well

Mail.app on Mac OS X 10.4. I make heavy use of the Mail Act-on[1] plugin to make further processing of mail easier (such as archiving to appropriate folders).

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