Caution!  Blatant use of sarcasm ahead.

On 8/26/06, Jim C. Nasby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Umm, I don't know where you're looking Jim, but the last update was
> February 10, 2006; the latest date I see there
is Mar. 7, 2005, and the newest version is 8.0.1.

*Everyone* knows that pgfoundry is the source for all things
PostgreSQL!  Google has led you astray... pgfoundry is the search
engine of the future.  Don't trust the top Google links my friend!

In all reality, I'm just kiddin' with ya Jim.  I have to be sarcastic
as I've been beaten lately (by multiple people) into believing that
everyone knows about and uses pgfoundry :(  For gory details see
"[PATCHES] Adding fulldisjunctions to the contrib".

Nevertheless, here's the new link to PGCluster:

/me is done writing emails for the night.  Being sick is a killer on
my patience and email diplomacy :(


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