On 8/27/06, Gregory Stark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I'm beginning to wonder whether it would be better from a PR perspective to
rename pgfoundry to something like modules.postgresql.org. While "modules"
isn't necessarily technically right in postgresql vocabulary it's right in the
more general sense

And it doesn't imply the pieces of code are still in progress like
"projects.postgresql.org" might and doesn't give the impression that they're
living on their own without support from other postgres people like having a
separate domain does.

I don't know what the name should be but we should at least be
consistent between pgFoundry and websites hosted on pgFoundry.

Currently we have http://pgcluster.projects.postgresql.org/ for the
website hosted on pgFoundry and
http://pgfoundry.org/projects/pgcluster for the project itself (yes,
Jonah, they are both pgFoundry stuff, it's just that the website is
probably not maintained by pgcluster staff currently).

I agree with Gregory that renaming pgfoundry.org to
[whatever].postgresql.org could be a good idea to make it more
"official". And project sites should keep their
projectname.[whatever].postgresql.org address.


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