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>> That said, my company would feel more confortable with the idea that it's
>> part of the postgresql mainstream distro for many obvious reasons - or we
>> might drop postgresql altogether - which is why I'm proposing myself to do
>> the necessary work to integrate it in postgresql if there's interest.
> The core development team has only a very finite number of cycles available.
> Would you rather we spend our time on fixing pgcluster than on fixing the
> core Postgres database?

I'm beginning to wonder whether it would be better from a PR perspective to
rename pgfoundry to something like While "modules"
isn't necessarily technically right in postgresql vocabulary it's right in the
more general sense

And it doesn't imply the pieces of code are still in progress like
"" might and doesn't give the impression that they're
living on their own without support from other postgres people like having a
separate domain does.

  Gregory Stark

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